Get to know Me:
Pairings [4/5]:
Usagi & Mamoru


Usagi x Mamoru time in masquerade ^^♥ (but notice that the dance is really similar to the dance in the Moon Kingdom ;) )

Few things about Sailor Moon Crystal


I am so glad Rei isn’t such a cumsucking bitch.  Holy actual hell in the 90’s anime she was so terrible and hate worthy.

Also laughing forever and the people pissed about the kiss at the end of the most recent episode.  Blah blah blah unwanted kiss blah blah blah sexual assault blah blah

The animation is getting better-ish?  I have stopped caring entirely, it’s adorable to watch and that’s all I care about.  Luna though, jesus.

Beautiful Princess, will you dance with me?


Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 4: Masquerade

Set: Ami/Sailor Mercury & Rei/Sailor Mars (1/2)


Whose been watching the new series?!?!!! LOVE IT!!!!


Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 4 - sleeping Sailor Moon / Usagi


….kingdom of dicks